Vegetable Planting

As Heather (Activities Co-ordinator) was preparing the raised beds for vegetable planting she noticed under a pile of posts that lay on top of the raised bed a birds nest containing about 4 or 5 robins. This is the only picture we could get as they decided to flee their nest when it was quiet. It was noted on many occasions that the mother was flying off to get the babies worms. Once the birds had gone, we were able to plant tomato plants.

This year our vegetable garden consists of tomatoes, squash and beetroot. Residents sewed the seeds and Maggie watched her husband Russell kindly planting the beetroot and squash. April’s weather was very warm but come May the weather turned cold and we did not expect the plants to survive after Russell put the seedlings in.

However, come June we were delighted to see Maggie watching Russell as he pulled the first crop of beetroot.

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