Carol shaves hair off

Our catering and laundry assistant has shaved her head for charity. Carol Raggett, from Luton, took the bold decision a month ago in order to raise funds for Dementia UK. In front of an audience of 25 residents, relatives and colleagues her hair was completely shaved off and in the process raised £300 for the cause.

It took only two and a half minutes to complete the shave and will take more than six weeks for even an inch of Carol’s hair to grow back, but she believes it will all be worthwhile. Carol said that raising money for Dementia UK is a privilege as it is a cause very close to her heart. From personal experience she knows that dementia can be devastating to families and really wanted to do something to help. She said she did it in memory of her mother.

The charity fundraiser generated a lot of interest in the home with lots of people turning up to watch and more importantly donate.

Heather (Activities Organiser) said it was an afternoon to remember. “Carol is a very special lady! All her colleagues have been very supportive of her fundraising and we really want her to know how very proud we are of her.”

Dementia UK is a national charity dedicated to providing people who have dementia with compassionate expert care and support in order for them, to live positive and fulfilling lives.

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