Bringing Familes Closer Together

Is communication technology bringing families together?  Of course it is.  We at Taymer can vouch for that.

Two of our residents have learned how to have a conversation with relatives over the Internet using the software application Skype, and also viewing by webcam.

When Dorothy first linked up with her daughter Jackie and son-in-law Graham in New Zealand, she was very worried about the technical features of Skype, but now after 3 months she is more than happy to contact them every Wednesday for 30 minutes or more.  She even gets to see how their cat is getting on after his leg operation.

Dorothy commented that it is ‘better than talking on the phone any day and cheaper’.

Poppy on the other hand enjoys linking up with her daughter Jenny, husband Alan and grandchildren each Wednesday. They live in Perth, Australia.

Poppy’s daughter Dee who lives nearby is amazed at the clarity of the picture and sound; and is very grateful that her mother can enjoy this special time as she gets to hear the latest news from her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  


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