The Christmas Spirit

Due to inclement weather the local children’s school was closed for one day as it was a very cold and snowy Monday. This meant that their yearly trip to visit Taymer to sing Christmas songs and Carols had to be cancelled. When they visit us each year we usually give each child a chocolate gift as they leave us. We did not want the children to be disappointed. However, one of our residents had suggested that for a change we could give out chocolate goodies in a Father Christmas bag that we could put together. As many hands make light work, the residents enjoyed making the goody bags up. Heather took them to school and presented them to the Head Mistress on behalf of Taymer. So thrilled were the children that we received many thank you cards which we displayed as a collage for all to see. Plans will be made for them to visit and sing to us when the weather gets warmer in the Spring. We look forward to seeing them soon.

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