Singing Happy Songs of Summer

On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, Pauline and John (Press Button ‘B’) joined us at Taymer to sing some happy summer songs; including some favourites too. Here are residents enjoying the event. Some residents were not able to go outside due to their health issues, but, nevertheless, they sat close by inside the entrance to the garden or listened in their rooms with the window wide open and were invited to sing along too. One of the visitors, Paul, was celebrating his birthday, so we invited him to come outside whilst we sang ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Afterwards everyone enjoyed a choice of 5 deserts, lemon cheesecake, lemon drizzle cake, Eton mess, chocolate gateau, or carrot cake. They were so delicious everyone was invited to take another piece, cold drinks or a cup of tea was also offered to quench the thirst. No pictures were taken with the residents eating as we were busy serving the refreshments quickly due to the heat. I can assure you that they enjoyed their treats, with the lemon drizzle cake being the most popular choice.

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