Surprise, Surprise for a Second Time

Maggie our Home Manager regularly brings home-made cake for the residents and staff to enjoy, and we had a plan to thank her for all that she does for everyone. Maggie fell in love with the beautiful cushion which was put into the Spring Raffle but our resident Marg was given it by her niece Jan when she won it. So, whenever Maggie visited Marg’s room she used to see it, and say to Heather “I loved that cushion with the hare printed on it, and would have loved to have won it”. A few months later Heather had a plan when she saw the cushion for sale in a store on the internet. She called the store and asked if they had any left, and they had two. So, Heather purchased them both. At tea-time, with the residents gathered around Maggie was presented with her cushion. We thanked her for all the cake’s she makes for us and gave her the cushion. As you can see in the pictures, she was thrilled to bits with it. We love you Maggie!!! You may be wondering what happened to the second cushion. Well, when Heather bought the original cushion for the Spring Raffle, her grandsons’ Ethan and Callum were shopping with her and they both chose the hare cushion as it represented Spring. So, remembering the time she spent with them she bought the second one for herself. Ethan is living in Australia for two years and every time she looks at it she will remember the special time she spent with him and his brother. Everyone is happy!!! No more surprises for a little while.

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