Surprise, Surprise

Dee, daughter of our resident Poppy, is very supportive of any activities that we are involved in. When we held our Spring Raffle, Heather, Lifestyle Manager, approached her with regarding a cake stand for the raffle. She not only kindly did this but she offered to bake a cake to go with it. Keith (our volunteer) won the cake stand but put it back in the raffle and said that he would be happy with the cake. When the raffle was drawn again, Brian (another of our volunteers) won the cake stand which he gave to his cousin to put a home-made cake on her stall at her local church fete. Dee said she would bake a cake for both of them. Unfortunately, Dee had to have a hip replacement but when she was on her feet again, and true to her word, she bought the cakes in and presented to Keith and Brian two small ones (one heart shape and one round). Brian chose chocolate cake and Keith chose carrot cake. They kindly shared the cake’s with the residents at afternoon tea. On subsequent visits Dee used to say to Heather, “I loved that cake stand and would love to have won it’ Unbeknown to her, when Heather visited town again, she saw the same cake stand for sale and bought it. The cake stand is the original ‘Bake Off’ one shown on the television. The plan was to present her with it. On Dee’s next visit we all gathered round, and said close your eyes as the gift was presented to her. As you can see from the photo, she was delighted. Dee is so special we wanted to show appreciation to her as she is always making cakes for the residents and staff to enjoy. Watch out for the next instalment of another surprise connected to the raffe prizes!!

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