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Residents went out on a day trip to Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire - with family, friends and staff. The weather was very sunny and after a picnic lunch they visited all areas within the park complex.

As a leading United Kingdom zoo, Paradise Wildlife Park gives a unique opportunity to get close and personal with wild animals including lions, tigers, snow leopards, cheetahs and zebras. They were able to see a wide selection of mammals and primates including meerkats and gibbons as well as reptiles, butterflies and birds, as well as visiting the farmyard. There was a variety of stalls to purchase items if they so wished. The park staff were very helpful and cheerful. One of the most popular attractions was visiting the area where dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex are situated.

After a busy day, the residents arrived back home to Taymer for their supper and a well-earned rest for the night.

The residents always enjoy going to Bedford River each year, and this year was no exception. The weather was glorious and we had a great time meeting the public and Jack especially loved his new doggy friend. After our picnic we walked along the river bank ending up at the waterside cafe where we all enjoyed a refreshing drink. From where we were sitting we could see in front of us the river. People in the cafe chatted to us and they especially loved Jack's rendition of the war. He was a big hit with everyone.

Len Bushby celebrated his 100th birthday with his family, friends and residents. We put a surprise present and past display on the notice board for him to view.

The day started off with his favourite breakfast egg and bacon and then he went to the lounge where his family assembled to show him his birthday cards. One card was from the Queen and a telegram was from Amber Rudd MP, Secretary of State for Works and Pensions. He had beautiful cards from his great-grandchildren.

He went out with his family for his birthday lunch and when he came back everyone joined in as Chris sang some of his favourite songs, Heather gave a short precis of his life and then he cut his cake which was made by his daughter. All in all, it was a wonderful day of celebrations as we sang HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY LEN.

Residents, family, friends and staff assembled into the garden courtyard to watch a falconry display recently. The trainer gave information on each bird - where they originate from and what they eat etc. Everyone had a turn to hold the birds provided they wore a safety glove. The different birds i.e. owls, falcons could not wait to get out of their cages and loved the attention given to them. We were all amazed at the way they flew calmly onto the glove,supervised by their trainer.

To celebrate Shaun's 25th anniversary at Taymer we thought we'd ask him to tell us about his experience.

I have been employed in the catering industry from the day I left school.I gained experience in working in various establishments; starting off as a commis chef in a hotel, and then working in various restaurants; I was a manager at Britannia and Monarch Airline for about 6 years and was responsible for ensuring that all passenger and crew meals (Luton Airport) were of the highest standard.

I joined Taymer Nursing home on the 1st April 1994 as Head Chef. I plan and prepare daily meals and my speciality is arranging and preparing for special functions such as Christmas and Easter celebrations. Each year I organise Summer BBQ’s and a Sunday ‘Afternoon Tea’ in which we serve different brands of tea along with homemade cake. I am responsible for managing and employing hospitality staff at the home, and working within some of our group homes.

I meet regularly with our residents to plan meals for them. We have good wholesome old fashioned meals as well as a modern choice. I believe food is appreciated more and tastes better when it’s cooked from scratch and made with fresh ingredients. If the residents wish to have another choice, then I feel it is important to give them another option. Whilst I enjoy being a chef, I am a team player and enjoy decorating the home at Christmas and over the years taking the residents and families on day trips to various places.

In 2009 one of our resident’s family nominated the Home and myself. The Home won the award for the Caring Home throughout the country and I won the Caring Person of the Year which Yours Magazine run every year. I cannot quite believe that I have been at Taymer for 25 years. Our Home Manager, Margaret Collins arranged a splendid afternoon buffet celebration for me on my anniversary day – Monday 1st April. Residents, relatives, past employees and staff were invited to attend and I was touched by their good wishes and kindness.

I hope to enjoy working at Taymer for many years to come until I retire!!!

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