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THEY SAID Residents’ Roger, Peter, Len and Norman were asked by Heather, Lifestyle Co-ordinator if they had anything that they would like her to organise for them. They emphatically said, ‘We would like to play a game of chess’. WE DID As we did not have a chess set - Heather asked family and friends if anyone had an unwanted chess set to borrow. Roger’s family kindly donated one For all to use’. They said we could keep it as it is no longer needed. Len played Heather and they won a game apiece. Roger’s brother-in-law Clive came to visit and played a game with him and also kindly taught some of the moves to Norman who had not played for many years. The gentleman love playing chess and their wish that a regular game session takes place will be firmly on their activity agenda. The current world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen needs to watch out – here we come (metaphorically speaking)!!!

Residents enjoyed a Valentine Event which included decorating the table for a special lunch time meal experience. We had Teddy in a nurse’s uniform until the raffle was drawn. Our resident Jack’s daughter Pat won the ‘Name the Teddy' with the winning name ‘Poppy’. £135 was raised which went into the Residents Activity Fund.

Our team effort this year consisted of service projects.

  • Following the old English tradition of stirring the Christmas Pudding mixture – residents gave a good old stir before it was taken back to the kitchen for steaming.
  • Christmas cards were lovingly made by the residents for their family and friends.
  • Sweets treats were wrapped for when the Primary School and Brownies came to sing.

Sophie (carer) voluntarily gave her time to help set up the Christmas tree in the lounge. To see the finished result was wonderful to behold. The Nativity Scene was erected. Shaun ensured the external lights were put up to welcome visitors at this time of season. The lights are also seen as people in cars pass by. NOW WE ARE READY FOR THE CELEBRATIONS.

Here is everything that is happening over Christmas at Taymer Nursing Home!

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