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We, at Taymer love to get involved within the community and many of our entertainers and volunteers come from our area. We are grateful that people care enough to offer their time and talents with us.

The two groups highlighted just show how kind people are to donate their time and energy in sharing their skills and talents with us here at Taymer. For this, we are very grateful.

Sidings Acapella Singers

When Chris joined us for a little while in rehab his friends offered to come and sing to all the residents voluntarily. Chris used to sing with his friends in an another Acappella Group. Some members of the group formed the Sidings Acapella Singers and these are the people who came to sing. When I took pictures outside, they started to sing again so all those in their rooms could hear.

One of our dear residents Audrey invited them to sing in her room which they did, I was present along with her carer Cheryl. When they sang it reached everyone who could not join us in the lounge. We were very grateful to have them join us. They are very experienced and have sung at competition level all around the UK as well as in the US.

Knit and Natter Group from Haynes

Valerie and Diana visited the residents and presented them with 20 knitted blankets. They were absolutely beautiful.

Each resident chose their favourite one to keep. They are so proud of them they wanted them to go on their beds when they do not need. The group knit throughout the year and go to various nursing homes, hospitals and hospices in the area to donate the blankets they knit.

As you can see from the photo's the residents were not only delighted to receive one but also enjoyed Valerie and Diana’s company. As a thank you we plan to invite the whole knitting group to join us for strawberries and ice-cream in the summer.

Steve and Doreen were regular visitor’s to Taymer when they used to visit their friend there. So, when Doreen needed nursing care Steve especially requested that she stayed with us at Taymer.

Steve soon celebrates his 90th birthday and most days when he visits his wife, he has his lunch with us. They quietly celebrated their 66th Wedding Anniversary with other residents who wished them well on the day. Doreen and Steve had a lot of cards and enjoyed blowing out the candles on their cake. They shared the care and a cup of tea with the resident. A Perfect Day was had.

At the rear of Taymer Nursing Home we are surrounded by farm land. Lots of different wild birds come searching for food. When the cold snap finally came our gentlemen residents offered to make some bird food treats to hang up on bird feeders outside the resident’s windows.

One day we had a DVD on birds in winter and our cat Minnie was very interested and even tried to catch them when she got up close to the television. So, to stop her getting too close to the wild birds outside, Denise, Administrator secured them on bird tables - out of Minnie and Zinky's (our other cat) reach. It was a very productive afternoon. Mind you a few days later there was no evidence of any of them left – it was most probably the squirrels who were the culprits.

Next year I think we will need to invest in SQUIRREL PROOF HANGING WILD BIRD FEEDERS. Our gentlemen did not seem to mind, they had fun as well as socialising together. Afterwards they enjoyed a cup of tea and biscuits.

We had a trip out to see the Connaught Light Opera Singers who were performing at Wrest Park. Doreen happened to mention that it was her 65th Wedding Anniversary. I asked the event organiser if she could arrange a photo shoot with the singer’s and pianist and they obliged. We were fortunate to be given the front row seats. At the end of the performance they sang ‘Anniversary Walz’ to Ron and Doreen.

There was not a dry eye in the hall, it was a very emotional time for everyone present. Afterwards we all enjoyed a cup of tea and cake served by the Wrest Park staff. The next day Ron and Doreen celebrated with Taymer residents when cake and some bubbly was served. They both said it was a lovely surprise and made their day very special.

THEY SAID Residents’ Roger, Peter, Len and Norman were asked by Heather, Lifestyle Co-ordinator if they had anything that they would like her to organise for them. They emphatically said, ‘We would like to play a game of chess’. WE DID As we did not have a chess set - Heather asked family and friends if anyone had an unwanted chess set to borrow. Roger’s family kindly donated one For all to use’. They said we could keep it as it is no longer needed. Len played Heather and they won a game apiece. Roger’s brother-in-law Clive came to visit and played a game with him and also kindly taught some of the moves to Norman who had not played for many years. The gentleman love playing chess and their wish that a regular game session takes place will be firmly on their activity agenda. The current world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen needs to watch out – here we come (metaphorically speaking)!!!

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