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Our lifestyle manager, Heather Baker, has been with us for several years and has completed her National Association for Providers of Activities for Older People (NAPA) level 2 Award in Supporting Activity Provision in Social Care.

Meeting regularly on a 1-1 basis with each resident to assess 'how they are doing' and ascertaining what activities they would be interested in participating in is one of the reasons Heather is so popular with our residents.

She entertains residents, who are confined or prefer to remain in their rooms, with in-room activities in keeping with life-long interests (music, reading, etc.)
Heather not only knows the residents very well but she feels it is important to interact with relatives as they like to know what their loved ones are 'doing'. Often, they get involved at the planning stage and delivery of an activity.

Taymer Friends (volunteers) give vital support in delivering regular group and individual activities as well as external outings twice a month.

At Taymer, we pride ourselves on providing the very highest standard of care through the combination of modern facilities with traditional family-orientated values - this ethos is extended into the lifestyle of our residents.

From playing the latest games on the iPad to sit-down yoga, we tailor our activities to the preferences of the residents to make their house a home full of fun and memorable experiences.

Meal-time at Taymer, is something to be looked forward to with us - friends and families are always welcome to join us. The home prides itself on service and in particular catering, an area in which it has won several national awards. We do everything we possibly can to provide highly nutritious meals that both taste and look fantastic!

Mealtimes are an important part of the lifestyle at Taymer. We pride ourselves on the quality and range of meals that our superb catering team offer every day. We recognize the importance of mealtimes to each individual resident and our team endeavour to make it an enjoyable and nutritious experience. We promote the wellbeing of every resident through a positive, nutritious and memorable dining experience in a well-appointed dining area to ensure they are well-nourished, well-hydrated and fulfilled.

Our professional chefs use fresh ingredients prepare a range of healthy, nutritionally balanced and delicious meals every day. Our catering team speak to residents both at mealtime and away from mealtime to make sure it’s a social and enjoyable experience, and perhaps more importantly, to make sure they know the individual preferences of every resident. Food stimulates the senses of smell, taste, and sight -- it is one of the best ways to engage with a resident’s memories. We couple this with social interaction to ensure that your loved one receives a positive dining experience.

Our dedicated catering team pride themselves on the nutritionally dense, tasty meals they continuously prepare for everyone to enjoy ay anytime. They achieve this, in part, through the desire to push the boundaries of food innovation; from dementia-friendly crockery to nutritionally analyzed smoothies, our chefs couple the latest science and professional skills to develop meals that taste, look and do good!

Just a few photos of our beautiful home; contact us to arrange a visit.

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