“Bring me my bow of burning gold”

A first for Greathed as our residents were treated to an hour of poetry led by the poet Chris Meredith. Chris read aloud some well-known poems familiar to everyone, some spoke along with him. Our audience listened attentively particularly when he read some of his personal poems - very moving with a few quirky, light-hearted ones too. Our residents were so engaged, you could hardly ‘hear a pin drop’. The session culminated in a question and answer session led by Chris with which he then compiled a personal poem dedicated to our residents (see below). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his visit and his light-hearted and personable manner. They were particularly touched with the poem he dedicated to them. One lady commenting, “is this really for us? I feel honoured!”. We very much look forward to hosting Chris again.

Chris provides Therapeutic Poetry Sessions across the generations. We highly recommend him. www.therapeuticpoetryforseniorcitizens.com/


A Special Calling © Chris Meredith 2017 (Inspired by the residents of Greathed Manor Nursing Home)

"Sitting quietly and listening to my poetry

A unique group, my coterie

The ladies joined in with the verses I spoke

And closed their eyes and imagined the words I evoked - I asked what favourite books have they read?

One said the bible off the top of her head

A book so full of wisdom in words

A wonderful insight into man, bees, and birds - One lady with a smile so warm and kind

Told me she worked for the GPO way back in time

She came from a place called Cowley Peachey when young

And lives here with friends now her working life is done - Another lady who was once a headmistress

Listened to me intently, with an absence of distress

Another had a husband who was a classical baritone

Now they enjoy one another at Greathed Nursing Home"

Poem compiled based on residents’ memories after the first poetry session on 16 January 2017


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